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About Us

Jordan Business Systems was founded by Michael Jordan in 1991 to provide business solutions to enterprise. Since then, JBS has become a trusted advisor and counsellor to many successful businesses and not-for-profit institutions. We are strategists, business innovators, process improvers and change managers – we are problem solvers!

Our clients call us when they have something pressing on their minds—whether it is a major strategic or operational need or an organizational challenge. They look to us for honest, objective, thoughtful, and experienced advice.

Our clients talk to us when they find themselves under pressure to deliver results. They call us in uncertain times. They talk to us when information is difficult to get and insights are scarce. They call us when they need to make decisions that will have far-reaching consequences for their people, their organizations, their stakeholders and even society itself.

Our clients look to us when the bar has to be raised, when standards have to be met and when good enough is no longer good enough. With our broad reach across industries, functions, and locations, we speak our clients’ language. We understand their business.

We help people and companies to explore opportunities – from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

We do this using these core principles:

Follow the top management approach
We find and solve the most critical and challenging problems. We take an overall, independent, and fact-based view of a client’s performance. We rely on facts because they provide clarity and enable the formulation of credible recommendations. We work directly with leaders to develop solutions and ensure they have the ability to implement them.

Bring innovations in management practice to clients
Our clients need new insight. We ask our people to bring their best thinking to our clients. We invest significant resources in building knowledge. We see it as our mission to bring this knowledge to our clients. and we publish it for the benefit of business and government leaders worldwide and to force ourselves to think about what is next.

Build client capabilities to sustain improvement
We work with our clients to build their capabilities and leadership skills at every level and every opportunity. We bring out the capabilities of clients to fully participate in the process and lead the work after we have left.

Build enduring relationships based on trust
We earn our clients’ trust. We do this through our consistently superior service, our professional conduct, and our complete commitment. . We care for our clients as people and organizations and look out for them, even when we are not serving them.