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ISO 9004 – Managing for Sustained Success

ISO 9004:2009 provides guidance to support the achievement of sustained success using a quality management approach.

The sustained success of an organization is achieved by its ability to meet the needs and expectations of its customers and other interested parties, over the long term and in a balanced way.

Sustained success can be achieved by the effective management of the organization, through awareness of the organization’s environment, by learning, and by the appropriate application of either improvements, or innovations, or both.  ISO 9004 promotes self-assessment as an important tool for the review of the maturity level of the organization, covering its leadership, strategy, management system, resources and processes, to identify areas of strength and weakness and opportunities for either improvements, or innovations, or both.

ISO 9004 provides a wider focus on quality management than ISO 9001.  It has evolved to be a guideline not just for performance improvement but for managing sustainability.  It builds on some key concepts of processes for all interested parties on top of customer satisfaction and introduces concepts  natural resources preservation, knowledge , information and technology management, learning and innovation, employee empowerment  to help manage the direction for sustainability.

How can ISO 9004 benefit my organisation?

The standard is geared towards top management requirements with the generation of forward plans, strategies and policies to meet medium to long term goals.

Very much challenging the norm, it provides the basis for a more holistic approach and for identifying system maturity levels which in turn can be used as a foundation for benchmarking and improvement identification.

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