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emasThe EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) is a management tool for companies and other organisations to evaluate, report and improve their environmental performance.   Since 2001 EMAS has been open to all economic sectors including public and private services and has now been strengthened by the integration of EN/ISO 14001 as the environmental management system required by EMAS.   Participation is voluntary and extends to public or private organisations.



The main stages of EMAS

To receive EMAS registration an organisation must comply with the following steps:

  • conduct an environmental review considering all environmental aspects of the organisation’s activities, products and services, methods to assess these, its legal and regulatory framework and existing environmental management practices and procedures.
  • in the light of the results of the review, establish an effective environmental management system aimed at achieving the organisation’s environmental policy defined by the top management.  The management system needs to set responsibilities, objectives, means, operational procedures, training needs, monitoring and communication systems.
  • carry out an environmental audit assessing in particular the management system in place and conformity with the organisation’s policy and programme as well as compliance with relevant environmental regulatory requirements.
  • provide a statement of its environmental performance which lays down the results achieved against the environmental objectives and the future steps to be undertaken in order to continuously improve the organisation’s environmental performance.

The environmental review, EMS, audit procedure and the environmental statement must be approved by an accredited EMAS verifier and the validated statement needs to be sent to the EMAS Competent Body for registration and made publicly available before an organisation can use the EMAS logo.

Benefits of EMAS

Environmental concerns, growing public pressure and regulatory measures are changing the way people do business around the world.  Consumers and shareholders are increasingly demanding environmentally-friendly products and services that are delivered by socially responsible companies.  It is becoming increasingly important for organisations to demonstrate that not only their philosophies but also their investment strategies and day-to-day operations are sustainable.

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