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ISO 14001

iso14001Environmental issues and the need for protection of the environment is the focus of increasing concern and over the past number of years governments, businesses and the public are demanding a reasonable and effective response.  The “Earth Summits” of world leaders in Rio de Janeiro and Kyoto brought much attention to these issues and encouraged tangible steps towards sustainable development which would allow for continued economic prosperity without compromising future generations.

Many companies and organisations have responded positively to the challenge to contribute to economic development and prosperity in a way that respects the environment.  They are actively implementing economically viable programs that reduce the adverse environmental impacts of their operations and that result in sustained benefits for all parties.

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) standards have been developed as tools to allow the management of organisations to better identify, manage and control their activities that can impact the environment.

By a systematic analysis of the aspects of an organisation’s operations, and by quantifying the impacts on the environment of these aspects, the organisation can respond in a planned and co-ordinated way. Defining clear goals and objectives in relation to environmental performance gives direction to the organisation by reducing waste and energy use, substitution of non-renewable resources, risk avoidance, good citizenship and image enhancement. This contributes to increased stakeholder confidence, competitive advantage and long term viability.

ISO 14001:2004 is designed to be compatible with other management standards, particularly the widely used ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard.  Industrial companies, service organisations, utilities and public bodies worldwide have embraced ISO 14001 as the preferred model for environmental management.

An effective environmental management system based on ISO 14001 provides an organisation with a defined structure to allow them to more confidently and effectively manage environmental issues by:

  • establishing a policy and awareness that good environmental performance is a strategic objective of the organisation
  • focusing on the prevention of waste and pollution and on continual improvement of environmental performance
  • systematic analysis, planning, control and monitoring of all activities that may affect environmental performance
  • assisting companies to more effectively meet legislative and regulatory requirements
  • demonstrating to regulators, stakeholders and other interested third parties that a formal environmental management system is operational and effective

The ISO 14001 is a practical tool for the manager who is not satisfied with mere compliance with legislation – which may be perceived as a cost of doing business. It is for the proactive manager with the vision to understand that implementing a strategic approach can bring return on investment in environment-related measures.

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