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echaREACH is a Regulation designed to manage and control the potential hazards and risks to human health and the environment from the manufacture, import and use of chemicals within the EU and at the same time enhance the competitiveness of European industry by fostering innovation. REACH is an acronym for the Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of CHemicals.

The primary objectives of the Regulation are:

  • Protection of human health and the environment
  • Maintenance and enhancement of the competitiveness of the EU chemical industry
  • Prevention of fragmentation of the internal market
  • Increased transparency
  • Integration with International aspects
  • Promotion of non-animal testing
  • Conformity with EU International obligations under the WTO (World Trade Organisation)
Key Aspects
  • All substances within the scope of REACH that are either manufactured in or imported into the EU at quantities > 1 tonne per manufacturer/importer per year, must be registered
  • Existing’ substances are to be registered on a phased basis and within certain quantity thresholds
  • Some substances will be subject to evaluation
  • The uses of substances of very high concern (SVHC) may need to be authorized
  • Manufacture or use of high risk substances may be subject to restriction
  • Greater responsibility for actors throughout the supply chain
  • Reversal of the burden of proof from Authorities to Industry
  • European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is responsible for implementation of the regulation in co-operation with Member State Competent Authorities

Who does REACH Affect?

As REACH has a very wide scope, it affects a wide range of businesses in Ireland across many sectors.  Those who manufacture substances, or who import them into Ireland from outside the EU have obligations, along with those who produce or import articles.  Additionally, business that use chemicals, perhaps in formulating a products, also have obligations under REACH, along with those who are in the business of distributing chemicals.

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